Violent Attacks on Whites in South Africa - Help the Boer

Daan Barnard (he goes by Danie), a South African Boer | explains his experiences in South Africa under the corrupt government allowing minorities to seize farmlands. Being attacked as a little boy and the assault against his family as an adult where he had to fight for his life. 

FF+ Condemn Farm Murders

Freedom Front Plus leader, Pieter Groenewald, wants the President to publicly condemn farm murders.  He says Ramaphosa must respond in much the same way as he did after last year’s mosque attacks.

South African Boer Exposes Media Lies

This was the first #BoerTestimony video. #HelptheBoer #CrimesAgainstHumanity

Rene Krueger to President Trump on #FarmMurders

These Video's are Called: #BoerTestimony

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"My message as a simple Boer from #SouthAfrica, we have to get the truth out there after all the lies from the mainstream media. #BoerTestimony #FarmMurders #Plaasmoorde"

The story of #BlackMonday, South Africa

WATCH: Testimony from the widows of farm attacks in South Africa.  Join the #BlackMonday movement and help the Boer.  Wear black on Monday, 29 Oct 2018, to help raise awareness and stop the killings in South Africa.

Teenager’s parents and grandparents murdered on farm

16 February 2017 - Louis Smuts, his wife Belinda and his parents, Gert and Paulina, were killed on their farm outside Balfour in Mpumalanga on Monday. Police say the motive for the killings has not yet been established. eNCA interviews Louis and Belinda’s daughter , Cherize Smuts.

BRUTAL FARM ATTACK - Wife of murdered Peet van Ess tells all

On Tuesday, Africa InTouch News called on some of the victims that suffered at the hands of criminals in Barberton's husband and rural areas since Friday, April 7.

Jacques Barnard's #Boertestimony

The Truth from A Boe

Quinton du Plessis's #BoerTestimony


Boer Widow speaks out on South Africa Farm Murders

#BoerTestimony #FarmMu 

Belinda's #BoerTestimony

#BoerTestimony #FarmMurders

Media Silent On Genocide Attacks On White Farmers Escalate

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South African Farmers Thank President Trump

Many mainstream media outlets are pushing back on the president's comments regarding South African farmers.They're claiming murders and land grabs are not happening.


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White Genocide Is No Longer A Theory! South Africa Prepares

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White Genocide No Longer Theory! ZA Prepares for civil war

South Africans Tearfully Thank Donald Trump For Tweet

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