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Wear Black Monday | Steve Hofmyer | We Stand Togethr Against Farm Attacks S.O.S

Farm Attackers caught on video in South Africa farm murders

Farm Attackers at Hazyview on Video. Reality of #FarmAttacks and #FarmMurders in South Africa where Where Farmers are murdered by Terrorists. This all while politicians like Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema sing songs like "Kill the Boer - Kill the Farmer.

Farm killings in South Africa #Boertestimony #farmmurders

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Steve Hofmeyr - The media's lies | Donald Trump

After Donald Trump spoke out on Farm Murders, the media went out of their way to lie about the situation in South Africa, and farm murders, to try and make it look like everything is ok. #FarmMurders #SouthAfrica #DonaldTrump 

South African farmers are facing persecution

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These are the words of the people under attack by their own government. They tell the tales for victims of horrifying farm attacks and farm murders.

why ramaphosa will not acknowledge #Farmm

In this episode of Fact Sheet, I discuss the strange statement by President Cyril Ramaphosa, claiming that he is not going to comment on the crisis of farm murders. I also point out that there is a logical explanation why the president, the government and the ANC aren’t prepared to acknowledge the true extent of the crisis of farm attacks and farm murders in South Africa.

Bonnievale farm attack

A 19 year old man was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the murder and attempted murder of a farmer and his wife in Bonnievale in the Western Cape. Courtesy #DStv403       Show more    

Brutal farm murder

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Exposed Ramaphosa dishonest #farmmurders Pieter Groenwald

Ramaphosa blatantly dishonest with the world regarding farm murders 


Never let anyone tell you that these attacks are just normal crimes. Never allow the repeated atrocities of these events to you desensitise you. Never stop speaking out. Never allow yourself to be silenced.  Farm attacks are unique and deserving of priority treatment for a variety of reasons. Let me explain...

Ian Cameron statistics on farm attacks frm Jan-May 2019

AfriForum announced the latest farm attack statistics for 2019 during a media conference on 4 June 2019 a farm attack survivor also shared with the media the horrific details of the attack during which she was shot and raped.

SOUTH AFRICA #Plaasmoorde #FarmMurders

SOUTH AFRICA -  A Film By Logic Express

Farm murders in South Africa

While the world turns their eyes away and the president denies it is happening farm murders take place every night