The Face of a Hero

Adriana Stuijt dedicated her life to reporting honestly on the atrocities the tiny white minority of South Africa are facing for many years now. A pioneer of this movement and a woman who is my hero.
Her dedication, strength and perseverance through adversity is something we rarely see in people today. Most are too caught up in their own lives to care for others.
Adriana understood humanity, especially for our people who are facing such dire circumstances, is more important than our own selfishness.
I had the privilege of having several wonderful conversations were her over the past 2 years. I treasure the wisdom and insight she gave to me so freely.
I remember saying to her, “I will see the ANC fall in my lifetime”. Her response was, “I hope you do because I have fought for this my entire adult life and it does not seem like I will see it in mine”. I don’t think I really believed that to be true in that moment. The magnitude of her statement did not hit me until I learned of her passing.
I hope that on the day we do see these evil, communist terrorist fall, we will remember Adriana Stuijt and her many years of fighting back against this regime. Without her, we would not be where we are today in exposing the truth.
Mere words can never do justice to a warrior for humanity and a lady such as she was. I needed to pay tribute to her nonetheless.
I will never forget you Adriana. I will never forget the words you spoke to me and I will never forget all that you sacrificed to try and bring change.
REST IN PEACE ADRIANA STUIJT…I hope we will meet again one day. I will have so much to tell you. ????????