These are testimonials from white Boer farmers in South Africa. They began speaking out despite the implications of the huge target it puts on them.
They did this because the mainstream media continues to lie about the issue. The news coming out of South Africa after President Trump tweeted his concern for the murder of Boer farmers, was complicit in farm murders at BEST.
These farmers became desperate to get the truth out because it was widely being reported that, "South African farmers say they are fine and Trump should leave them alone".
The media continued to put out the fake stories of, "nothing to see here". This is how the Boer Testimony hashtag was born and why white South African farmers began making these #BoerTestimony videos.

Jacques Barnard's #BoerTestimony

South African Boer Speaks about Farm Murders

Belinda is a Boer Miesie and this is her #BoerTestimony

Rene Kruger thanking Donald Trump #BoerTestimony

Farm killings in South Africa is real #BoerTestimony #farmMurders

Boer Widow speaks out on South Africa Farm Murders

Witness to Brutal Farm Murder Makes Plea

South African Farmers Thank President Trump

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