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“This is not a land grab. We are taking back what belongs to us”

Hundreds of people in Midvaal occupy private land

  • Hundreds of people have flocked onto private land in Midvaal.
  • They each paid a “donation” of R250 to a group of men leading the occupation who call themselves the Big Six.
  • The Big Six say they will use the money to legally protect the occupation.
  • The legal owners of the land say they have been threatened and fear for their families’ safety.

Some private agricultural landowners in Walkerville, Elandsfontein, Midvaal, say they have been subjected to assault and threats to their families by a group of men who call themselves the Big Six and stage land occupations.

Hundreds of desperate people have moved onto private land after they were sold plots. The Red Ants with Johannesburg metro police (JMPD) have demolished shacks, but the occupiers refuse to leave.

On Friday, the North Gauteng High Court granted an eviction order. After shack demolitions on Sunday, occupiers returned and according to a land owner tried to set some houses on fire.

One of the landowners, Clinton Gruar, said the past three weeks have been a nightmare. “We just woke up and saw land invaders helping themselves to our land. They broke plot fences and began allocating people portions of our land. When we asked what they were doing they threatened to fight us if we try to remove them,” he said.

“They have been protesting, blocking roads, and denying us access to the invaded area. They even tried to set some houses on fire. Residents have been assaulted and threatened; they are fearing for their lives,” said Gruar.

On Friday, dozens of cars were driving into the area. Food was being sold and some people were buying zinc sheets from the men in charge of land allocations. People told GroundUp word had gone around that land was up for grabs for a “donation” of R250. Some adverts were even posted on social media alerting people to come in their numbers and buy land. They said the land allocators had promised them legal protection and that the land would not be taken from them.

A man who gave his name as Letho Masoka said he was the founder of the land occupations together with five other people. They called themselves the Big Six.

“We decided to take this land because the land has been vacant for years and dead bodies have been dumped because there was no activity here. The landowners say they are keeping land for agricultural purposes, but we do not see any agricultural activity here.

“We are allocating the land to our people who desperately need it. The land is for free, but we are merely asking for donations of R250 so that we can pay for legal representation to claim this land. By occupying the land all the crime which was being committed here will stop,” said Masoka.

He said over 1,000 people had bought in and were coming from places such as Nelspruit, Soweto, Orange Farm and Vlakfontein.

“This is not a land grab, invasion or occupation. We as the community are taking back what belongs to us,” he said.

Masoka said he and his partners would start a “world war” if anyone tried to stop the invasions.

Kateko Maluleka from Vlakfontein said: “I bought a piece of land here because l am tired of renting. Ever since l came from my rural home in Giyani l have been renting. Rentals around here are expensive. By getting land l will save a lot of money as l have children.”

She said the people she bought the land from promised her that the occupiers would soon have electricity and water.

Khensani Chauke said she doubted that the project was genuine, but she just took a chance out of desperation. “My husband and l just paid because we desperately need it.”

She said they had once bought a piece of land in Snake Park near Soweto before they were evicted by the Red Ants. They then rented a place in Vlakfontein.

“Losing this land would be painful because t


73-year-old man attacked by 2 farm attackers

A farm attack took place on the 18th of June 2020 in Haakdoornboom, Gauteng.

An elderly male (73) was attacked by two suspects and beaten with a blunt object.

A Television and other items were stolen.

There have also been two other attacks in the same area during this week where an 18-year-old boy was shot through a window from the outside in his neck and an unknown number of suspects attacked an elderly couple and assault them.

Both incident took place on the 16th of June 2020.

Carte Blanche Links Julius Malema to Farm Murders

This Carte Blanche Video has been mostly wiped from the internet.

Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watxh warned the world of this 10 years ago. No one listened. I wonder if anyone is listening now?

Farmer (26) shot and killed – Rustenburg

On Thursday, December 15, Schalk Lourens and his wife were returning to their Rhenosterfontein smallholding situated in the Bojanala District, Rustenburg Municipality.


As the couple arrived at the entrance, the wife got out of the vehicle to open up the gate, without any warning four suspects surrounded the vehicle, shot, and killed Schalk.

The four suspects fled with two mobile phones.

The suspects are still at large and the police are continuing with an investigation.

Restaurant owner, 67, is hacked 'into pieces' in front of his partner while bravely fighting to protect her from machete-wielding killer in horrifying South African robbery


  • German Eduard Neumeister was hit with ‘dozens of blows’ from a bush knife 
  • He collapsed in a pool of his own blood as his attacker went inside the restaurant 
  • He began strangling Eduard’s partner Margit, 62, before Eduard staggered in
  • The attacker renewed his frenzied attack on Eduard and hacked him to pieces
  • His family said Eduard’s injuries were ‘too gruesome’ for anyone to identify him

The owner of a German-themed restaurant has been murdered and hacked ‘into pieces’ by a machete-wielding robber in South Africa.

Eduard Neumeister, 67, who was born in Austria, was hit with ‘dozens of blows’ from a bush knife at his property in Balgowan, 70 miles outside Durban.

The frenzied attack happened as Eduard – known locally as Edi – went to feed his dogs and prepare for breakfast at the Bratwurst Sausage Restaurant and B&B that he ran with partner Margit Riebler, 62. 

As Eduard went outside he was struck with such force by a man wearing a balaclava that he was knocked to the ground.

His devastated partner Margit told police Eduard bravely fought for his life before tragically collapsing in a pool of his own blood.

Bloodied footprints and a splattered trail were left in the kitchen as Eduard desperately tried to save his partner's life

Thinking Eduard was dead, the attacker ambushed the restaurant kitchen, where he began strangling Margit and threatened: ‘Give me all the money or die.’ 

At this point Eduard staggered through the door, despite his severe injuries, as he desperately tried to help Margit and begged the attacker to leave her alone.

But the man launched a second attack on Eduard with such such ferocity that he was hacked beyond recognition. 

Paramedics and police officers said they had never seen such horrific injuries to a person and revealed Eduard was cut ‘into pieces’.

As the murderer continued to hack Eduard’s body on the kitchen floor, Margit fled to the main road and flagged down car. 

She was driven to a nearby boarding school and called emergency services, but the murderer fled the scene before police arrived, and no arrests have been made. 

Paramedics and police officers said they had never seen such horrific injuries to a person and revealed Eduard was cut 'into pieces'

Paramedics and police officers said they had never seen such horrific injuries to a person and revealed Eduard was cut ‘into pieces’

Eduard, above, stands with his German sausage stall at an outdoor market in South Africa. He had opened his German-themed restaurant and B&B business in 2010 with partner Margit

Eduard, above, stands with his German sausage stall at an outdoor market in South Africa. He had opened his German-themed restaurant and B&B business in 2010 with partner Margit

Last night Eduard’s daughter Sylvia, 38, fought back tears at her Cape Town home and said her father stood little chance of surviving the frenzied attack. 

‘Dad was hit from behind with a machete outside and it must have hit an artery as there was so much blood.

‘Edi had gone out to feed our rottweilers who are just so soft that they barked and ran away when this man attacked, and we think to be there at that time he must have been lying in wait for him.

‘We don’t know how he got past the electric fence and inside the main compound area but it would seem he knew my dad always fed the dogs at about 7.30am and he was waiting for him.’

A pool of Eduard's blood is seen on the steps into the restaurant where he managed to get up in a bid to save his partner's life as the attacker strangled her

‘Dad went down on the ground as you can see from all the bloodstains by the workshop but shouted a warning to Margit, but the black guy went inside then had his hands around her throat.’ 

She said that when her father heard Margit being attacked ‘he managed to get up and he tried to distract the burglar so that he could save her’. 

Sylvia, who works as a waitress, revealed her father’s injuries were ‘too gruesome for anyone to even try and identify him because it was just impossible to tell who he was’. 

She said so much of her father’s body had been attacked that ‘there was nothing left to put in a coffin’.    

Describing the killing as ‘plain brutal’, Sylvia added: ‘Our dad was a funny man with a wicked sense of humour who made people laugh. 

‘He did not harm anyone and was kind to everyone so he did not deserve this. His family had all helped him since 2010 build up his business and our blood, sweat and tears went into that.

‘Edi was a happy man who led a good life but thanks to this animal it was all over in an instant.

‘It is time this country woke up to what is happening on the farms and smallholdings because what happened here is just not right.’

Sylvia said that although her father had several safes containing cash and valuables nothing appeared to have been stolen, despite authorities believing robbery was the motive for the attack.

She said: ‘Perhaps when Margit ran and got away the killer just panicked and made a run for it’.  

Margit, a mother-of-two originally from Berlin, was too distraught to talk as she moved belongings out the property. 

Eduard’s son Tommy, a sommelier from Weinheim in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, said he spoke with his father on the phone each week and would often visit with his wife and three-year-old son Elijah. 

He said: ‘Edi and I had talked about farm attacks in South Africa but he never thought it would happen to him and he had upped security with two dogs and an electric fence and he felt he was safe.

Daughter Sylvia, above, revealed her father's injuries were 'too gruesome for anyone to even try and identify him because it was just impossible to tell who he was'

Daughter Sylvia, above, revealed her father’s injuries were ‘too gruesome for anyone to even try and identify him because it was just impossible to tell who he was’

‘Killings like this need to stop right now and I don’t want anyone else going through what we are going through and more has to be done to keep farmers and those on these smallholdings safe.

‘Edi was a proud father and grandfather and I feel a part of me has been ripped out. I could not believe that on Sunday instead of chatting to him as usual I was dealing with his death’ he said. 

Authorities have secured the property which is being patrolled and lived in by security guards.

KZN Province Premier Sihle Zikalala condemned the murder and said: ‘Violent crime will not be tolerated and those who commit such acts will be dealt with harshly. 

‘We must ensure that the safety of those in our rural farming communities is prioritised’.

Chris Pappas, the opposition party Democratic Alliance KZN spokesperson, said they had constantly called for rural communities to be better protected.

Eduard, pictured above with his family, was described as 'one of the most loving members of our community'

Eduard, pictured above with his family, was described as ‘one of the most loving members of our community’

He said: ‘There has to be direct subsidising for security initiatives such as farm patrols and farm watches and the utilisation of technology such as CCTV and drones in hot spot areas.

‘We need the introduction and support of rural policing units that work with local crime prevention initiatives and the establishment of a provincial rural safety directorate’ he said.

South African Police Service spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala Mr Neumeister confirmed no arrests had yet been made.

Democratic Alliance local councillor Sandile Mnikati said: ‘I had met Mr Neumeister a few times when I went to his establishment and he was a gentle and loving man.

‘The brutal killing of one of the most loving members of our community is a tragedy and his loss to criminals in such a merciless manner will leave a scar for years to come on our community’.

Eduard’s son Tommy, pictured about with his father and sister, said: ‘Killings like this need to stop right now and I don’t want anyone else going through what we are going through and more has to be done to keep farmers and those on these smallholdings safe’

Eduard's son Tommy, pictured about with his father and sister, said: 'Killings like this need to stop right now and I don't want anyone else going through what we are going through and more has to be done to keep farmers and those on these smallholdings safe'

Eduard, originally from Salzburg in Austria, moved to South Africa in the 1970s where he met and married his first wife in 1980. 

The marriage broke down in 1994 and Eduard later found new love with Margit before the pair launched their B&B business in 2010. 

Daughter Sylvia said: ‘Dad basically offered a traditional bit of Germany up in the hills of KwaZulu-Natal and his sausage dishes and German beer went down very very well with the tourists.

Eduard is pictured with his son Tommy (left) and three-year-old grandson Elijah. Tommy said: 'Edi was a proud father and grandfather and I feel a part of me has been ripped out. I could not believe that on Sunday instead of chatting to him as usual I was dealing with his death.'

Eduard is pictured with his son Tommy (left) and three-year-old grandson Elijah. Tommy said: ‘Edi was a proud father and grandfather and I feel a part of me has been ripped out. I could not believe that on Sunday instead of chatting to him as usual I was dealing with his death.’

Three-year-old grandson Elijah is pictured on a tractor with Eduard during a visit to South Africa

Three-year-old grandson Elijah is pictured on a tractor with Eduard during a visit to South Africa

The entrance to the restaurant where Eduard was murdered is now shuttered off as authorities conduct investigations into his murder

The entrance to the restaurant where Eduard was murdered is now shuttered off as authorities conduct investigations into his murder 

‘He also had a strong following of German locals with lots of passers-by mixed in and he became very well known locally and he loved nothing more than enjoying a few beers and a laugh.

‘The business was really taking off with the bed and breakfast side looking good for the future but then Covid-19 came along and he and Margit had to close their doors and then this happens.

‘My brother and I are devastated that something so dreadful could happen to our father and sadly know I think this is the end of his dream and I cannot see the restaurant ever reopening.

‘We just hope they catch the person responsible for his horrific murder and that anyone else who has had any involvement in setting it up in any way or shape or form is also caught’ she said.  

There were 21,000 murders in South Africa in 2019 – an average of 58 a day.  

#WhiteLivesMatterToo Whites Hacked, Stabbed, Raped, Tortured & Murdered by Blacks in SA in Same Week as #GeorgeFloyd Looting! MSM Silent!

Posted on 07/06/2020


In just ONE week in just ONE town, Bethlehem, the following black on white violent crimes were perpetrated: An elderly white couple were violently hacked with a panga in their home! Elderly white women stabbed in her neck in home invasion! 86 Year old white women raped in home invasion! You can be sure, you will NOT find the same crimes with the races reversed! While mainstream media in South Africa never mention the race of victims, yet suddenly they hypocritically are quick to join the George Floyd fake “anti-racism” campaign?

Liberal media in South Africa never mentions the race of either the victim or attacker in violent attacks in South Africa. The reader of the crime reports have to figure out the race of the victim or the attacker from the names provided or where it happened, yet the liberal media is quick to support Black Lives Matter campaigns or the fake so called George Floyd “anti racism” campaign inspired by the globalist Alliance.
Useful idiot lefties are quick to join these campaigns but say nothing if white people are slaughtered or maimed by black men? Why don’t the liberal media and the Soros captured globalist Alliance say anything when white people are slaughtered and attacked by blacks? Why does the liberal Alliance go bezerk over George Floyd, but says nothing about black-on-white violence in USA or in South Africa?

One simple fact debunks all their hype and drama: for every 10,000 blacks arrested for violent crimes in USA, only 3 die. for every 10,000 whites arrested for violent crime, 4 die, this despite blacks being only 13% of the population! Black-on-white violence is regarded as ordinary crime by the liberals but not the other way around.

The double standards and hypocrisy is becoming so obvious that it simply has to be called out now. So should you.

Fox News crime stats
The following happened in the small Free State town called Bethlehem in just one week, the same week as violent riots were instigated over the death of George Floyd in America. There are many many more small towns in South Africa, which is why the murder rate in South Africa is 56 per day, that we know of:

– Kobie Smit (60) and his wife Annie Smit (58) were seriously injured when a black man attacked them with a panga on Thursday at around 18:00 in the neighbourhood Panorama. Kobie was outside in his yard when the man chopped him with the panga, walked past him and also chopped Annie inside the house with the panga. The man fled without taking anything and the couple’s neighbour discovered them and rushed them to hospital. Police are investigating attempted murder charges.

– In a second incident, also on Thursday evening, a black man broke a window of a house where a 60 year old woman and her daughter were watching TV at around 21:15. The man stabbed the older woman in the neck, grabbed a laptop and fled with it through the same window. She fortunately survived the incident.

– Last week an 86 year old woman was attacked and raped, also in town. She heard a window break and was surprised by a black male attacker who detained her with a knife, cut her clothes off with it and then raped her. He stole money and groceries before fleeing. Bethlehem SAPS is investigating all these incidents.

In other notable incidents the past week: – A medical doctor and farmer Roelof Botha was murdered, stabbed with sheep shears on Monday 1 June in Tulbagh, Western Cape. Botha had been out clay pigeon shooting and on his return from the land was overpowered 400 yards from his home, and hacked to death with a panga or sharp instrument.

– Pieter Nel (65) is in critical condition after he was shot twice on his farm in Hartbeespoort on Friday, 5 June. His wife Ann was seriously assaulted.

– An elderly white couple Schalk (63) en Lana (59) Coetzee was also severely assaulted on the farm Libertas outside Reivilo, Northern Cape on Saturday 6 June, 2020. The man is in critical condition. His attackers, 4 black men in their twenties, poured boiling water on his back. The suspects stole and fled in a Nissan X-trail with some other items. Lana was able to get help, and her husband was found in bad shape tied up in the shower. Doctors were called out and victims were taken to Kimberley for medical as well as Trauma support.
Farm Attack

Lana Coetzee 59
Thanks to the cooperation of Rhino Security & Armed Response, Vryburg Prototeam, South African Police, Reivilo GVE, Crossborder security and the public, all four attackers were arrested within 4 hours.
Rhino Security had sent out a BOLO on the National Police groups after receiving the alarm and groups where deployed around the area. Reivilo GVE members also engaged in the operation and momentum was given once Oorgrens Veiligheid Netwerk members began sharing information as the events played out. The Nissan X-Trail the attackers fled with got stuck in the mud so they had to continue on foot towards Dirk Fourie’s feedlot near Schweizer-Reneke. One tried to escape to the township nearby and the other fled into the bushcamp. The other two where arrested in the meantime by SAPS.

#FarmAttack 29/5/2020: Wolmaransstad, North West. A security guard was attacked by an unknown number of attackers. He was tied up and his phone and firearm were stolen

#FarmAttack 14/5/2020: Bushyvales, KwaZulu-Natal. 2 suspects pretended to buy scrap metal. Female victim approached them & one of the suspects attempted to stab her with a screwdriver. Neighbour noticed commotion and fired shots at the suspects. One suspect found dead in field.

#FarmAttack 29/5/2020: Cradock, Eastern Cape. Female victim was attacked by two suspects with a knife. She fought back and managed to retreat to the house and activate the alarm. Attackers fled on foot, no serious injuries reported.

#FarmAttack 31/5/2020: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Two suspects armed with a knife and a firearm attacked the male victim as he was about to leave the house. A fight ensued and both the male and female victim sustained minor injuries. Suspects fled with cash.
#FarmAttack 31/5/2020: Mamogalieskraal, Brits, North West. Farm workers were attacked by an unknown number of attackers. Two workers were seriously assaulted with an iron rod. No further details available.

This is how they force whites off farms. One by one…

In the Free State a woman leaves her farm after a brutal attack: Amidst the George Floyd incident which was hijacked by Antifa and their Soros backed globalist Alliance partners, and despite Covid19 lockdown, which seems not to affect rioters and looters, brutal farm murders and attacks in South Africa continue unabated. The mainstream media in South Africa ignores it and Cyril Ramaphosa lied in New York claiming that there are no farm murders. He said it doesn’t exist. But it does and for the victims it is very real and they suffer the traumatic after effects until the day they die. Sometimes the occupant of the farm has no option to leave because it simply became too dangerous to continue. With farm prices down, they have to accept a pittance for the farm that they have worked for a lifetime or that has been in the family for centuries. We share such a story:

A Free State woman, Wilma Swanepoel (66) who was left for dead in an unused cooling room after she was attacked and stabbed on the farm near Bothaville in March of this year, says she has to leave farming life after 47 years and live in town now as she lives in fear because her attackers got bail. She moved to a house in town this week and says the tears come easily these days as she has to give up her old life. She was stabbed 11 times, straight through to the lungs, on Sunday 22 March 2020 after she was ambushed at the farm gate around 17:45. The 2 attackers took 2 firearms and money from the house and left Swanepoel in the unused cooling room for dead.
She was only found in that room 14 hours later when her daughter came looking for her. Swanepoel said she felt she was drowning in her own blood and that she could not move. She sat against the wall the whole night, kept in place by the sticky blood she was losing. A farm worker, Phineas Mototo, helped to load Swanepoel in her daughter’s car but he was later pointed out by other farm workers as being an accomplice in the attack! Mototo showed the Police where the firearms were buried. The 2 other attackers were also arrested by Police. Only one attacker was kept in detention because he has other cases, but Mototo and the third attacker were given bail of a mere R3,000 each.

Swanepoel says she feels the State should have opposed bail for the other 2 attackers as well. She is still very traumatized and says the attackers know where she lives. She was in hospital for 8 days and stayed with her daughter since then. She only went to the farm in the company of others since the attack.

The world will never know if you don’t share. So go ahead – share.

Yes, literally thousands of white South African farmers have been brutally murdered by blacks and, No there have been no riots, no destruction and no mayhem as a result. And YES, these are racially motivated murders! Black leaders in the country openly call for these racial murders. And its not only the farmers, scores of other innocent white people have been murdered by blacks.

Nothing is being said about it and towns are not been destroyed by angry mobs over it. So why no outcry from the world and why no major media drive about ‘these’ racist atrocities and why no demonstrations?
The answer is simple:

1. Major mainstream media outlets are part of the world liberal movement and as a result don’t drive issues that don’t suit their narrative, whilst, for example, driving the George Floyd incident in America does just that and helps further their cause, in this case, to remove Trump and to create one world without borders. (Floyd was an habitual criminal who was high on drugs that caused a heart attack.)

2. The liberal controlled social media networks similarly decide what will be shared and whilst blacks openly post about the killings of whites and while other other suitable left agenda is promoted, you will find that any other posts not fitting this narrative, are deemed to not ‘meet community standards’ and are removed or you cant share them.

3. Exposed in a recent article published, “Globalists and liberals use COVID-19 to accelerate globalist revolution” you will start to understand that this part of the how the liberal world revolution is being driven under the ‘anti-racism guise’. And now the ANC wants to campaign against this even after its cadre run Police and Army killed have about a dozen black men during lockdown alone!

4. In an article published, “George Soros – The man in the shadows. What he really wants” we see that there is a global political battle between two poles. On the one hand is the international liberal alliance with multi billionaire and mega donor to the cause George Soros. They have as aim to remove all borders. And in South Africa, both the ANC and EFF, hard-core black nationalist movements, buy into the international liberal agenda with their aim of a borderless world. The likes of Ramaphosa and Malema are very much in the pockets of Soros and his friends.

5. In a book published, “‘Kill the Boer’, brutal reality of farm attacks, government complicity” we see that not only are the government reluctant to acknowledge these farm attacks but that they are actually complicit. So when the South African police refuse to make these crimes ‘priority crimes’ and show very little interest in investigating them properly you can start to see the picture of what is going on in the world and who is supporting who and with what goal.

At the ‘White Cross monument’ there are well over 3600 crosses symbolizing some of these farm murders. And TLU SA has recorded over 5000 farm attacks and over 2000 farm murders since 1990 pertaining to those farmers that are members of their organisation, these figures represent incidents reported to TLU SA and not all farmers in the country. The numbers are thus very much higher.

These farm attacks and murders are often accompanied by extreme violence, torture and rape and are being openly fueled by black South African leaders in the country.

The FF Plus commented on 27 June 2019, “It is now clear that the government has turned its back on the farmers in our country. To combat gang violence a special gang unit was established in the police force. That is indeed the right way to combat a specific crime. It, however, raises the question of why the same thing cannot be done to address the pressing problem of farm attacks? Why does the President refuse to admit that it is a reality and that it jeopardizes food security in our country?



Written by:
Ilana Mercer

Not so long ago, mere mention of the deliberate murder of whites in South Africa—country folk and commercial farmers, in particular—was called “racist.” “Raaacist!” the media collective brayed when candidate Trump retweeted a related “white genocide” hashtag.

It’s still “racist” to suggest that the butchering of these whites, almost daily, in ways that beggar belief, is racially motivated. Positively scandalous is it to describe the ultimate goal of a killing spree, now in its third decade, thus: the ethnic cleansing of white, farming South Africa from land the community has cultivated since the 1600s.

Be thankful for small mercies: At least the international media monopoly is finally reporting facts, such as that just the other day Andre and Lydia Saaiman, aged 70, were hacked to death in Port Elizabeth. (Imagine being chopped up until you expire.)

Or, that the elderly Bokkie Potgieter was dealt a similar fate as he tended his small, KwaZulu-Natal holding. Potgeiter was butchered during the October “Black Monday” protest, which was a nation-wide demonstration to end the carnage. Internationally reported as well were the facts of Sue Howarth’s death. The 64-year-old pharmaceutical executive was tortured for hours with … a blowtorch.

This black-on-white murder spree has been ongoing since a dominant-party political dispensation (mobocracy) was “negotiated in my homeland for South Africans. (Learn about “The American Architects of The South-African Catastrophe.“) But while the criminal evidence is at last out in the open, the motive for these hate crimes is only mumbled about for fear of offending the offenders.

In South Africa we find a criminal class, born into freedom after 1994, that burns with white-hot hatred for whites.


The South African state’s stout indifference to the plight of whites does not exist in a void. Witness the steady, anti-white venom the dominant-party cobra-head, the ANC, spits out. “The de facto situation is that whites are under criminal siege explicitly because of their race,” writes a South African historian, cited in “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011).

“The black criminal collective consciousness understands whites are now historical fair game.”

The physical, existential vulnerability of white South Africans flows from a confluence of historical antecedents that have placed them in a uniquely precarious position. “The white minority surrendered political dominance in return for non-racial constitutional safeguards.” By forswearing control over the state apparatus, whites ceded mastery over their destiny, vesting their existential survival in a political dispensation: a liberal democracy.

In a needlessly optimistic assumption, whites imagined blacks too would be bound by the same political abstractions, and would relinquish race in favor of a constitutional design as an organizing principle in the society they now controlled.
Having “surrendered without defeat,” for a tepid peace, Europeans are, moreover, particularly and uniquely vulnerable within this political dispensation because of their history on the continent. Remedial historical revisionism notwithstanding, South Africa—with its space program and skyscrapers—was not the product of the people currently dismantling it. Rather, it was the creation of British and Dutch settlers and their descendants.

For what they’ve achieved and acquired—and for the original sins of apartheid in South Africa; slavery in America—whites are the objects of envy and racial enmity.

The observations of liberal, African-American journalist Keith Richburg are particularly pertinent here. Richburg believes that on the Dark Continent, tribal allegiance trumps political persuasion and envy carries the day. He cites the fate of the Tutsi—an alien, Nilotic African people, who formed a minority in Rwanda and Burundi—among the Hutu who are a Bantu people.

The Hutu have always resented the tall, imposing, attractive Tutsis, who had dominated them on-and-off since the 15th century. When Hutus picked up machetes to slash to bits nearly a million of their Tutsi neighbors in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, they were, on a deeper level, contends Richburg, “slashing at their own perceived ugliness, as if destroying this thing of beauty, this thing they could never really attain, removing it from the earth forever.”

Are shades of this impulse alive in the savagery inflicted on the European “settlers” of South Africa (and Zimbabwe and the Congo before them)? Who can say for sure? This much I know: Empowering political majorities in Africa has helped, not hindered, the propensity of hostile masses to exact revenge on helpless minorities.

It would be a mistake to believe, as the American ruling Idiocracy preaches, that minorities in the US—soon to form a majority—will relinquish race and tribe as unifying principles, in favor of the US’s constitutional design.

Like South Africa, America is a creation of (northwest) European settlers. And it is in Man’s nature to dislike those who are unlike him—all the more so when they, as a group, have accomplished what he has not.

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