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Kim Clement Prophecy | The Trump Prophecies, ISIS, Socialism, Russia, China

Black Lives Matter is getting more radical: Dan Roodt in conversation with Brandi from Texas

Also watch Brandi’s video: Communism, Crime & Mainstreaming Delusion – Watching the World Burn

Dan Roodt and Conversative Texas Woman discuss recent developments around the Black Lives Matter movement. In South Africa, cricket players “have taken a knee” before BLM, but where is it going? What do they want? Support Dan Roodt and!


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I did this interview on Caravan to Midnight. John B. Wells was kind enough to allow me to use the footage so that hopefully an even wider audience would see it. This is by far one of my favorite interviews that I have even done. I can not say enough great things about John or his wife Brendi. These are truly kind and humble people always willing to lend a helping hand. I am honored to have been able to have this amazing conversation with John. We spoke mainly about South Africa but touched on many other issues affecting the world today.

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ANC and Mainstream Media are South Africa's problems, not whites - Unathi Kwaza

Interview with Unathi Kwaza by Dan Roodt. After a tweet in which she expressed some understanding for less educated whites using the “K-word” to voice their anger and frustration at the ANC’s incompetence and corruption, Unathi Kwaza received a torrent of abuse from Black Twitter, including threats of being “necklaced”. In this frank and outspoken interview she defends her view that South African whites are not responsible for the current misfortunes of blacks. “I am not disadvantaged,” she says.
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Ramaphosa’s Racist Rant

Cyril launches anti-racism campaign, then becomes a racist. EFF to socially distant protest.

Glenn Beck describes the murders of Chris Newsom and Channon Christian

After a radio caller made him aware of the extremely disturbing story of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian in Knoxville, Tenn., Glenn Beck researched the case and was horrified at what.

Oprah doubles down on the Emmett Till comparison and Glenn Beck expresses his disgust for Ms. Winfrey, and tells the story of the Newsom torture vesves murder, which was eerily similar to Emmett.

For Alvin Chipmunk This is one of the most gruesome stories I have heard that explains fully the savagery of Black on White violence. It happened in 2007 and I learned about it just a few.


Trey Smith: The Day of Reckoning

In this video, Trey Smith speaks on prophecy and South Africa. He shows clips of Kim Clement and many others things very important to what is happening in South Africa. Please Watch.

Remember the VICTIMS of Genocidal Farm Murders 2019-2020

Another year, another farm murder tribute video. Farm Attacks on South African farmer’s escalate every year. The brutality is something most people can never imagine. Please visit my website: We appreciate support in donations to help with costs of continuing to fight and get the information to the world. Recently We have been raising money to feed poor white families in South Africa.

War on South Africa | Behind the Deep State

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the truth about South Africa. He dives deep into history and comes all the way up to the present day, where genocidal racist communists are working to exterminate the Afrikaner Boer people group. South Africa, where the Deep State forced diverse nations to live under one unitary regime, is a microcosm of what is coming to the entire world if humanity does not wake up.

American Army Colonel takes Interest in South Africa (Col. Retired Chris Wyatt)

South Africa government refuse pandemic aid to Poor Whites | Calls them Racist on SABC

The South African government made it clear that government aid in the pandemic will for all intents and purposes be limited to Black South Africans. They were even taken to court for it, and won against Afriforum. Now, they send their State Broadcasting corporation to poor White Squatter camps and tell them they are racist for being poor and White. Please SHARE everywhere! Willem Petzer, 2020/5/14 Follow my Afrikaans channel:…

White Hunger in South Africa – Listen to what is really Happening
Please listeEn to a war veteran from South Africa and a member of the V.V.S. (United Liberty Warriors) speak about providing food and necessities to people. He gives insight from being on the ground, trying to feed families.

Please listen to a war veteran from South Africa and a member of the V.V.S. (United Liberty Warriors) speak about providing food and necessities to people. He gives insight from being on the ground, trying to feed families.

An Epic Rant with Jason Kohne – No White Guilt

You can find Jason Kohne and his books at the links below: No White Guilt Books:

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South African Government using race as a criterion for COVID-19 assistance

While everyone in South Africa is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and lock down, there will be people who will receive help based on their race, and some excluded because of their race. This after the South African government decided to use race (B-BBEE) as a deciding factor in who to assist in the tourism sector. Furthermore, this week the Pretoria High Court ruled in favor of the department of tourism using race as a criterion when providing Covid-19 corona-virus relief to tourism enterprises under distress. Questions around fairness of business relief fund:… Relief fund for restaurants and hotels guided by BEE laws not skin color, says minister:… ‘Perfectly rational’ to use B-BBEE levels to distribute R200m relief, says tourism minister:… High Court in favor of tourism department using race as a criterion when providing Covid-19 relief:… Afriforum To Appeal Against Ruling That Department Of Tourism Is Allowed To Use Race As Criterion When Allocating Relief:… The Tourism Relief Fund Judgement with Mark Oppenheimer: FULL RULING:…

Going Free | No White Guilt | White Positive Sphere Under Attack And What Is Next | Your Calls


Ex-Special Forces Recce and POW, Wynand du Toit, reflects on Operation Argon

In May 1985 Captain Wynand du Toit was leading a team of 4 Recce commandos, South Africa’s elite naval Special Forces, to destroy a Cabinda oil refinery hundreds of kilometers behind enemy lines. They were compromised however; two men were killed and du Toit was captured, and spent the next 2.5 years in solitary confinement as a prisoner of the Angolan and Cuban forces. He tells his story here. Wynand’s books can be found: Website: Email for personalized book sales: E-books:


Boer Battlefield

White people are standing on the edge of a coming storm in South Africa. Many have left for countries like Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. We here are bracing ourselves for the conflict that will erupt. Talks of killing whites go unchallenged here. And yet many whites choose ignorance.


The Rainbow Nation (Graphic)

DISCLAIMER: This cross BTW documentary & music video about South Africa mainly focuses on the plight of the white population, the imminent race based land seizures, calls to violence/action against the farmers by various extremist political groups and overall gruesome attacks as a means of educating and spreading awareness of the horrific situation due to that reality being denied all across mainstream media. While that’s the main focus the video deals with the state/fate of South Africa as a whole too as those are intertwined. I also want to make clear that this in no way endorses hatred or violence against anyone or blacks as a whole, as many of them suffer just as much under the corrupt government and by the acts of violent communist terrorists. This is also showcased in the video. That said VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED Fair use applies for all used/edited footage & audio! To the reviewer coincidentally stumbling upon this: I already had this video up for a whole month(10k views) and it got spam flagged, first appeal worked then after the 2d wave spam take down it failed. It was NOT taken down for the content but the lack of context in title/description and it specifically stated that IT IS SUITABLE FOR RE UPLOAD. Hopefully it works out now. Thanks!


Tainted Heroes Full Documentary

“Becoming a hero is easy when those you killed have lost their voices”

“Becoming a hero is easy when those you killed have lost their voices”


Dr. Stanton’s press conference on Genocide Watch’s findings on Farm Murder’s

The Independent Afrikaner Self-determination Expedition (OASE) released this video of Dr. Gregory Stanton, Chairman of The Genocide Watch. News conference at the Transvaal Agricultural Union in Pretoria, South Africa, 2012/07/26


White Well Being & How Many Times the Boer have Faced Impossible Odds

NO WHITE GUILT – Jason’s speech in the UK and a clip from his show. If you would like to help, please visit the website. If you have trouble with the donation link please email me at and I will send the direct link


Nelson Mandela sing to Kill Whites

Every President since the National Party in South Africa has sang or incited their followers to slaughter whites, EVEN MANDELA. Nelson Mandela is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, I remind you.


Julius Malema – Leader of the EFF Party – Sings to Massive Crowd at EFF Rally to “Shoot the Boer”

Leader of EFF Julius Malema sings a song that was declaired hate speech… So instead of saying shoot the boer he sings kiss… But his hand gesture tell a different story. This at a time when tension is high in South Africa.


Minister Zulu says white people must leave SA – Dr. Pieter Groenewald, FF+ leader, responds

Witmense is hier om te bly. Ons sal ons nie laat boelie deur ʼn minister of die ANC nie: Dr. Peter Groenewald, VF Plus-leier aan min. Lindiwe Zulu dat wittes in SA moet teruggaan waar hulle vandaan kom

Crime Free Orania (2018) documentary | South Africa

My #CrimeFreeOrania documentary is finally out! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it! Your donations is what makes this


The story of #BlackMonday, South Africa

WATCH: Testimony from the widows of farm attacks in South Africa. Join the #BlackMonday movement and help the Boer. Wear black on Monday, 29 Oct 2018, to help raise awareness and stop the killings in South Africa.


Steve Hofmeyr – Black Monday S.O.S.

Black Monday – Genocide South Africa


Dr. Stanton on Farm Murders – Genocide Watch – REMIX


Tribute to South African Farm Murder Victims

This a tribute to just a few of those who have been brutally murdered in South Africa


Tribute to Farm Murder Victims Part 2

This is a tribute to some of the people who have been murdered in the most brutal ways in the South African farm murder crisis.


War of the Flea – Hate crimes in South Africa

White people are only 6% of the total population in South Africa. A very small minority under a black nationalist regime that do nothing to stem the racial hate violence committed against minorities of all races. They use propaganda to vilify the minority. This is how a society looks where minority rights are not respected. A country that prides itself as being a democracy and “non-racialist”, shows it’s underbelly of hypocrisy.


10 Years after Genocide Watch Called for an International Investigation into FarmMurders

Dr Gregory Stanton and Genocide Watch called for an international investigation into Farm Murders in South Africa. Dr. Stanton stayed in a press release that he believed the ANC Youth League to be involved in the planning of these genocidal murders. No investigation ever came.


State of the Nation – South Africa

The white minority in South Africa is being denied aid and even food parcels. The ANC has gone completely tyrannical while the world turns a blind eye.


Bards of War – Slings and Arrows

It’s all about the blood. Bards Of War Podcast explores politics, culture, economics, faith, war and human nature by building context through story and narrative. Effective research will cross reference material to create a hybrid map built on qualitative and quantitative data cycling. This allows narratives to be developed, assessed and analyzed. This is the foundation of cultural analysis. The podcast episodes are presented by Scott Kesterson, a U.S. documentary filmmaker, backpack journalist, researcher and writer. Website: Bitchute: Gab:


Trevor McDonald – Return to South Africa – White Poverty after Apartheid

Trevor visits a Squatter Camp in Munsieville where white families, once protected by the economics of Apartheid, are now struggling to make ends meet.