The Rainbow Nation by: Marangbad

The Story of #BlackMonday South Africa

WATCH: Testimony from the widows of farm attacks in South Africa.  Join the #BlackMonday movement and help the Boer.

ANC code words

Code words released by the anc in the media letting their people know the time for genocide is near. This all happened within the spate of 1 month from his money being released to a statue being unveiled.

Boer Battlefield by: VALIDRIC

White people are standing on the edge of a coming storm in South Africa. Many have left for countries like Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. We here are bracing ourselves for the conflict that will erupt.  Talks of killing whites go unchallenged here. And yet many whites choose ignorance.   We are slowly being exterminated without any media reporting. The world is turning a blind eye. You can help us. Expose the Genocide. And when the time comes, don't forsake your brothers.     

Jacob Zuma sings 'Kill the Boer' at ANC's 100th anniversary

South Africa President Jacob Zuma sings ''Kill the Boer'' at ANC's 100th anniversary Celebrations in Bloemfontein in January 2012.

Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites Nelson Mandela sings with his communist comrades about killing white people. For decades the ANC propagated this extreme hatred towards the white minority of South Africa. Has this contributed to the extreme violence being perpetrated against the white minority of South Africa today?

Leader of the EFF Party Julius Malema Incites genocide AGAIN

Julius Malema has been convicted of hate speech in the past. He uses "Kiss the Boer" to terrorize. It means the same thing. It's a passive aggressive attitude toward it NOT being ok to tell thousands of people at political rallies to commit Genocide against an entire tiny minority of people.

BLF Promotes Killing of Whites | South Africa

"The BLF has declared war on white people in South Africa. They associated white people with the actions of Johann Rupert and said that for every one black person that is killed they will kill 5 white people. Whether they are women, children or animals.

RSA Headed For Civil War? | Steve Hofmeyr & Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux Interviews Steve Hofmeyr on the escalating crisis in South Africa.

Farm murders: Free State farmer employs lion as a guard dog

Tobie Bird, is a lion farmer in the Free State. The “tame” lion is called Lobengula. He is three years old and has been looking after his family for the past month since Bird received information of a planned farm attack.

Investigation - S.A. Farm Murders called by Centrist mp

Translation of Mr van Helvert's video:   "The killing, torture, and expropriation of white farmers in South Africa continue.  Often it concerns families that have Dutch roots.   The farming population has been halved.   Thirty thousand farmers have disappeared, and the South African government does nothing at all.   In the right-wing extremist corner, this topic is often used to express their racist ideas.

Exposed Cyril Ramaphosa dishonest - Pieter Groenewald

Media release by:  Dr. Pieter Groenewald FF Plus leader 27 September 2018                                                              President Cyril Ramaphosa's denial of farm murders and land grabbing in South Africa at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York is dishonest and comes down to a blatant lie. It is a poor attempt to pull the wool over the international community's eyes.

Woman Murdered and Chopped into Pieces - Cape Town

Reaction to the murder and dismemberment of a woman in Cape Town, South Africa

My Friend, Alice VL on her Book “My Turn South Africa “

A Conversation w/ Alice VL about issues in South Africa and the book she wrote about them. I give Alice the opportunity to question me at the end. She has questions and she hits me right in the heart. 

witness to brutal farm murder makes plea

Witness of Brutal farm murders plea for help 

Steve Hofmeyr Crucifed yet Julius Malema not Guilty

Steve Hofmeyr Crucified,  yet Julius Malema Still Allowed to Participate   elections? This video shows the start contrast of what Steve Hofmeyr says concerning South Africa and shows Julius Malema inciting genocide against the tiny white minority. 

A Conversation with dan roodt and his org. Praag

Dan Root has questions for me concerning South Africa. This is the second video in a segment of 4. 

Julius Malema Admits blacks are not native to South Africa

Julius Malema admits, blacks are not native to South Africa

South Africa - Farm Murders

Farming in South Africa, Farm attacks, Northwest, victims tell their stories. Dr Johan Burger explains why commando system was abolished.  Ian Cameron from Afriforum explains why farm attacks increase

Farm Murders Are Racially Motivated

This is not ordinary crime