BellPottinger 2.0 - Liars, Desperate and Evil

It might shock some to know the truth of ALL the people behind this attack on any information getting out that is true about South Africa. I will post all photos of these people to my website.

Turn South Africa" and Onslaught of Harassment and Attacks

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My Turn: South Africa

Let’s Stand up to Hatred by Citizen Journo.Daniel Friedman

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Tainted Heroes Full Documentary

"Becoming a hero is easy when those you killed have lost their voices"

What is Genocode


What is Genocode & be Honest on who is Committing Mass Violent Crime

The ANC Gets Schooled On Corruption

De Wet Nel schools the ANC on why the US and the EU have sanctions on Zimbabwe. Hold leaders accountable for corruption and crime. Seems simple right?

President PW Botha South Africa Expects All Men Serve Their

"And I claim in the ranks of our magnificent legions march the mighty ghosts of South Africa's past!! And their strong arms around us, and their voices eco down the ages, they say Vorentoe!!!" South Africa Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty: Irrespective of the international consequences we will not be untrue to our forefathers to our beliefs to our values come what may we will resist these diabolical forces it doesn't matter what is the cost. Let the world know let it know tonight let it know tomorrow let it know for the future time to come small as we are situated as we are we will fight to the end with what we've got. 

War on South Africa ~ Behind the Deep State

Please watch this video. This information needs to be heard.

Dirty ANC Tactics and Siener van Rensburgs Warning

BL Genl Izak van Zyl oor skoenmaker hou jou by jou lees

Siener Van Rensburg “Prophet of God”

If you don’t know who this is, you must watch this video. 

BL Genl. Isak Van zyl - BoereLegioen & Crisis Situation

Speaking to the founder and leader of the BoereLegioen on issues in South Africa and what the BL is doing to prepare to combat some of these situations as they arise. Also, setting the record straight on what the Bl actually stands for and what their goals are.

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at BoereLegioen Media

Last Call of the Boer (by Validric)

New video from Validric