Video & Audio: S.Africa: Top Jewish Organisation lays Criminal Charges against Jan of History Reviewed

A Police Captain arrived at my house on 24 July 2020. He said that he needed to speak to me because a criminal charge of Crimen Injuria had been laid against me. It turned out that a Jewish Professor at Wits University in Johannesburg had laid these charges against me. From what I recall of what I was told, because I was not given any documentation, she said she was acting on behalf of the South Africa Jewish Board Deputies, which is the most powerful Jewish organisation in South Africa. This is the ADL of South Africa. They hunt down their enemies.

Links to stories about Vicki Momberg’s jail time:

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  1. Another Patriot says:

    And this needs to stop. We need to fix our relationship with God and pray that He will help us. We need to wake up to the truth that we are gravely threatened and need to take back control

  2. Biddy says:

    The battle has to start somewhere.
    First step is get on your knees. You will win because your enemy is not on his.
    Proved this works always through excellent.

  3. Alif says:

    Have you had any contact with Lauren Southern?

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