Communism, Crime & Mainstreaming Delusion – Watching the World Burn

Each day people in the U.S. and around the world watch as the mainstream media regurgitates the same propaganda, lies and continues to completely blackout handpicked real world issues that do not meet the anti-white, anti-American, anti-traditional moral values, anti-Christian, anti-anything that represents rational thought process or truth based on factual data.

Black Lives Matter commercials are blasted across television screens all over the world aimed at children who do not even understand what the word racism means.

How do I know? My own child is 8 years old. She happened to see one of these commercials and she came to me and asked, “Do Black Lives Matter more than mine and what is racism?”

I do not allow my children to watch a lot of television as it is. I feel that even programs meant for children are targeting them with social justice and liberal ideals at an incredibly young age.

Children are very innocent in the way they choose friends and decide whom they like to play with at school. (I am speaking from what I see in my own children and the children surrounding them).

From the eyes of a mother, I see children who love with the innocence of those who have not yet had their minds poisoned by outside sources with selfish agendas.

They do not choose their friends based on skin color. They do not speak of skin color and I have found, that children do not seem to notice these differences until someone points it out or they begin to feel the results of what other children may be taught at home.

For example, when a 5-year-old white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is beaten to a pulp on the bus by a mob of black children, the news media does not report on this for days or weeks on end.

It does not matter that she suffered 2 black eyes and broken bones in her face. All caught on video while the bus driver did nothing to help her.

This is not rare but common occurrence among white children forced to live in majority black neighborhoods and attend majority black schools.

Howard Stern once told the story of how he was one of these kids growing up with very liberal parents and living in an almost all black school where he says he was terrorized everyday of his young life.

He said his life was hell as a child because he was beaten, spit on, kicked, and bullied every day.

Today, I sit watching Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA destroy my country, take over police stations and entire city blocks, burn police stations and cities.

I watch the mainstream media make excuses and flat out lie to not only the American people but the world.

Even when the data and numbers show who the perpetrator group of violent crime is, the media tells us the opposite.

The mainstream media continues to say, “These are mostly peaceful protests.”

Really? The last time I checked, peaceful protests did not end in the leveling of entire cities and the murder of police officers.

NO! The Oregon Rancher’s peacefully protested. We have witnessed repeatedly what happens when white people do peacefully protest.

To name a few:

The Siege at Ruby Ridge where Randy Weaver and his family lived on a remote mountain. Randy was entrapped by the FBI concerning a shotgun. The FBI ended up on Randy Weavers property at night doing surveillance on this one man.

Their presence alerted Randy’s dogs and two men were found to be hiding in the bushes near his home in the middle of the night. How would you know the FBI was on your private property hiding in your bushes at night?

When Randy and his 14-year-old son went to see what had alerted the dogs, it ended with his son being shot dead and a federal agent fatally wounded on the Weaver property.

The siege at Ruby Ridge ended with Randy Weaver’s wife having been shot dead while holding their newborn baby as she stood in the doorway of their cabin and the loss of his 14-year-old son. Both murdered at the hands of the FBI.

One federal agent was dead and after outrage of the community and a court battle, Weaver was only charged with the original shotgun that he was entrapped to sell a federal agent.

Two federal agents were charged with murder for the deaths of Randy’s wife and son.

Then we have the siege at Waco. Not to say David Koresh was a decent human being by any measure, but people have a right to live freely.

The FBI used tactics that were unnecessary being that no one had shown any violence toward them or anyone else from inside the compound.

There were innocent children in the compound along with countless other people and instead of just waiting for Koresh to go out to town or elsewhere, they chose to try and enter the compound and opened fire.

Most people know the fiery hell that ensued on that fateful day in Waco, Texas.

The majority of the children and people inside the compound died that day.

Next, we have the Oregon Rancher’s. The dispute was over cattle grazing rights with the federal government. These 4-5 men occupied an abandoned wildlife preserve and if you listened to the media, you would have thought they had taken hostages, and were terrorists.

It turns out there is video footage of the entire ordeal, which was made into a documentary.

Lavoy Finicum was shot and killed when federal agents opened fire on his truck with a 17-year-old girl and another woman in the back seat recording everything from the inside.

Finicum was on his way to meet with the Sheriff and continued to tell the federal officers this. Once they opened fire on the vehicle, he got out, raised his hands while he stood in the snow. You can see his hands drop down for a second and they opened fire on him.

The men remaining were arrested after surrendering to federal law enforcement. They each received lengthy federal prison sentences.

President Trump pardoned these men as one of his first acts to right injustices when he came into office.

I did not see the destruction of American cities when these men were murdered by law enforcement. I did not see the constant media coverage day after day. I did not see the demonizing of all law enforcement and the ridiculous calls to dismantle the police completely.

Were these men’s lives less important than black men who have been killed by the police? Many of which were justified.

As a child I could have never imagined I would be witnessing what I consider to be a slow communist style takeover of my country and the hate that has been normalized against conservatives and white people.

Not only normalized but celebrated.

The total destruction of a formerly prosperous and great nation does not happen overnight.

Tyranny does not come with an evil face. It comes little by little, overtime. It creeps into every crevice of society.

Sometimes, it comes in the guise of education for your children. Other times it appears to be “social justice”.

The end result has been the same consistently. In the end, the country collapses, and the government turns against its people.

We see this same anomaly in Venezuela and South Africa today.

Over time the good people that still exist in positions of power are pushed out and replaced with people who seek power for a variety of reasons. Mainly for personal gain and greed.

We see politicians begin to become super wealthy seemingly overnight.

There is an attack on traditional moral values, Christianity, and civil society as we know it in America and all over the world today.

This in turn causes a break down of family units, children being indoctrinated into socialist ideals. Universities spoon feeding this propaganda and even some grade schools.

Eventually, the people become sheep and are led to slaughter by the very government that was meant to protect them.

I am witnessing this slow progression and takeover of my beloved state of Texas and my country, the United States of America.

The only way to stop this madness and turn things around for the next generation is for the Patriots of our country to stop being polite and start punching back.

I have begun to see this happen and it is exactly what these people do not want.

The mothers who do not want to see their children indoctrinated and brainwashed need to stand up and take an active role in the education of their children.

Stop being too busy or caught up materialistic things and shape your own children’s minds. If you do not, you can bet that the liberal left will be happy to do it for you.

We as women hold the key to the future. We are the givers of life, the glue that holds families together and the teachers of our children.

There is hope for the next generation in us.

We must see the future through their eyes. If we fail to take back our birthright and the country our forefathers envisioned for all of us, this garbage can we see today…all of the hate we have allowed to flourish for whites and conservatives…

This is what we leave for our children to face.

Stand up while you still can. Use your voice and your strength to fight for the freedoms most take for granted.

I say, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.”

Brandi Sheats

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  1. Another Patriot says:

    And this needs to stop. We need to fix our relationship with God and pray that He will help us. We need to wake up to the truth that we are gravely threatened and need to take back control

  2. Biddy says:

    The battle has to start somewhere.
    First step is get on your knees. You will win because your enemy is not on his.
    Proved this works always through excellent.

  3. Alif says:

    Have you had any contact with Lauren Southern?

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