AfriCheck is FAKE NEWS & UNRELIABLE – Another Attack on Information getting out of South Africa on the Marginalization of Whites

Apparently, AfriCheck (A George Soros funded, ANC defending, Far-Left leaning organization) did not like my video or posts concerning whites being denied aid and food parcels in South Africa.

They chose to put out a FAKE story on my exposure of this blatant racism and denial of relief based solely on skin color. Just to clear a few things up, It is not technically written government policy to deny food to whites but food delivery to poor whites is absolutely being undermined.

Whites are simply being denied food by the people sent to pass them out and nothing is done about this by ANC. Whites are not a priority period. Nothing is done to rectify it because they support it and do not care. I receive tons of emails each day, many from people who have been denied food parcels.

There is video footage of whites being turned away and food parcels being confiscated from whites. Volunteers from the white community have been assisting poor whites by providing food parcels and other forms of relief. The volunteers assisting the white communities have now been forbidden by government from delivering food directly. Instead, all food parcels must be delivered to government facilities to be distributed. We all see how that has been going with ANC officials having food meant for citizens being delivered to their home.

The result of this is the food never reaches the white communities it was meant for. It has essentially become illegal for anyone except government to assist people directly. There have been instances where white volunteers have been accosted by ANC officials and black citizens. They have been threatened with violence if they continue with the delivery of food to whites. Terrorized for trying to deliver food parcels to other whites. I and others suspect this is due to people trying to provide for the white minority where the ANC will not.

Keep in mind that whites are a tiny minority. It is very easy to spot them moving around and target them. The black hordes are much more difficult to police than the lone white person in a vehicle delivering food.

The government makes it difficult for fingers to be pointed at this over this failure, but the truth speaks for itself. It is no secret that whites have never been included in anything where the ANC is concerned. Not long ago at a press conference, Cyril Ramaphosa thanked the farm workers but never mentioned the farmers.

It is policy that only BBBEE companies will benefit from the solidarity fund. The solidarity fund was meant to provide relief to ALL small businesses in South Africa. Many people donated enormous amounts of money into this fund. The plan to distribute funds has been reported on extensively in the news and the ANC makes a point to say, BBBEE companies will be the priority. No white person has been accepted at this point to receive help.

I receive emails everyday of stories from people who are small business owners and unless they hand over 51% of their business to a black South African, (FOR NOTHING. ZERO DOLLARS. JUST GIVE THEM 51%) they will not qualify for any relief funds.

Now, who in their right mind would want to hand over the majority of the business they have built from the ground up to anyone, much less someone incapable of operating the business successfully? I personally know many people who have lost everything they worked their entire lives for due to this racist government policy.


Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Defending Decision to Provide Relief Based on Race

Ramaphosa Defending Racist Distribution of Relief Funds

Relief aid racism: AfriForum and Solidarity approach Constitutional Court

Relief aid racism: AfriForum and Solidarity approach Constitutional Court

Relief aid racism: AfriForum and Solidarity approach Constitutional Court

AfriForum and Solidarity’s legal teams on 5 May 2020, issued court documents wherein they approach the Constitutional Court directly on an urgent basis to appeal against the High Court’s judgment that gave the Department of Tourism the green light to use race as criterion when determining which struggling tourism businesses must be helped during the Covid-19 crisis.

Dr Dirk Hermann, Chief Executive of Solidarity, pointed out that awarding help based on race is bizarre. “It is scary that there could be Constitutional grounds in a crisis like this which allows the allocation of emergency funds to take place based on race,” Herman added. According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, they decided to approach the Constitutional Court directly, as the small tourism businesses owned by members of minority groups, just like all other small tourism businesses, are in urgent need of assistance. “If the case drags on, countless small white-owned businesses will go under and government will be complicit. Figuratively, it is economic murder of minorities,” said Kriel. According to Hermann, it is extremely important to obtain legal certainty on the matter. “As this is an urgent crisis, we believe that the matter is urgent as well and therefore we asked for access to the Constitutional Court for this matter,” Hermann argued. Kriel also pointed out that it is important for members of minority groups to obtain clarity from the Constitutional Court on whether it is really the case that the current constitutional dispensation in such a way undermines minorities rights, that even during times of crisis, whites may be discriminated against. Solidarity’s initial complaint was submitted to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) on 25 March, when it emerged that the Department of Tourism was insisting on using Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) requirements with the allocation of help funds. On 30 March an urgent application was served to the Department and the matter was heard on 28 April in the North Gauteng High Court along with a similar case from AfriForum. Both AfriForum and Solidarity indicated that they are ready to approach the United Nations’ (UN) Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination but that they will first try and settle the case locally by appealing to the Constitutional Court. “Should our efforts not be fruitful locally, Solidarity and AfriForum will have no other choice but to pursue the matter internationally,” said Hermann.

We are legally required to follow BEE laws when offering corona-virus financial relief: minister

The Department of Tourism has faced criticism after it announced that its R200 million Tourism Relief Fund will be administered in line with ‘the objectives of economic transformation’ and will be ‘guided by the tourism Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment codes of good practices’. Civil society group Afriforum has subsequently brought an urgent court application against the minister on the grounds that her department is ‘using race as a benchmark’ for the awarding of the relief fund. However, Kubayi-Ngubane has indicated that her hands were tied on the issue. Speaking in an interview with 702, she said that the Department of Tourism is acting in accordance with Section 10 of the B-BBEE Act which makes the application of B-BBEE codes of good practice mandatory. “I am battling to understand why I am being called a racist. When you are a minister you don’t have the option to apply a law or regulation because you think they are suitable now. You are obligated and it is mandatory for you to apply the laws.” The minister added that the current regulations do not allow for any optional application. “The law states that any resource I (as a minister) am using – either as a grant, or a loan, or anything else – it is mandatory for me to apply the BEE codes. “Quite a lot of political parties and other groups have been engaging with me, but it’s not up for me to decide because tomorrow you will call me a ‘rogue minister’. This is mandatory for me as a minister.” Kubayi-Ngubane said that it might ultimately be better for the issue to be decided in court as then her department can get an express legal standing on either decision. She added that another group would likely have taken her to court if she did not follow the regulations. The minister said she had also expressly sought legal advice on these issues before the fund was announced.
I could go on and on with the blatant racist policies and procedures of the ANC, but the stories and truths are everywhere. I can not post private emails due to anonymity. I assure everyone, the only FAKE NEWS out there is from organizations like AFRI CHECK attempting to suppress the truth.

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  1. Another Patriot says:

    And this needs to stop. We need to fix our relationship with God and pray that He will help us. We need to wake up to the truth that we are gravely threatened and need to take back control

  2. Biddy says:

    The battle has to start somewhere.
    First step is get on your knees. You will win because your enemy is not on his.
    Proved this works always through excellent.

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    Have you had any contact with Lauren Southern?

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