South Africa has a Dark Secret – Murder, Corruption, Greed and Genocide

Our Mission

For nearly 30 years, the tiny white minority of South Africa have faced horrors that most people can never imagine.

In 1994 the Boer and Afrikaner put their hope into a LIE that was sold to the world…

The Lie that is the, “Rainbow Nation”.

The “Rainbow Nation” was never meant to be. The Boer and Afrikaner seem to be the only people in South Africa who did not know. Everything the citizens of the world think they know about Apartheid and the history of South Africa is a lie.

Mass amounts of money were pumped into the African National Congress to spread propaganda about the Afrikaner ruled government. This propaganda was used to demonize white South Africans to the world. There were issues and disparities that can not be ignored but compared to the murder, corruption and state capture under A.N.C. rule, these problems seem small.

More than 500,000 people have been murdered under the A.N.C.

The whites did not steal the land as the ANC would have people believe. The Cape of Good Hope was settled by the Dutch in 1652. When the Dutch arrived, the only people in what is known as South Africa today, were Khoisan people, albeit sparsely.

The Dutch/Afrikaner made treaties and traded with the Khoisan people. Black tribes began arriving from all over Africa once South Africa started to become the land of opportunity in Africa.

Let us not mince words. Without the Dutch settlers, there would be no South Africa.

They brought with them, medicine, education, modern architecture, infrastructure, mining skills, religion and much more. These people built the greatest nation Africa has ever known or will ever know from nothing. A first world country with a first class military and a booming economy. For this, the world demonized, sanctioned and forced them to hand over the country they built from dust to the communist, terrorist regime known as the African National Congress.

Since the A.N.C. took power in 1994, white South Africans have been a target for murder, torture, brutal and dehumanizing gang rapes and a campaign of planned psychological warfare meant to break them mind and spirit. entire families have been being slaughtered without mercy, even the infants.

Every year these murders escalate because the very government meant to protect all citizens, incites the 90% black majority to murder the white minority.

Every President of South Africa since the National Party handed over power to the A.N.C. (Including Nelson Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner) has openly sang to kill all whites. The A.N.C. blames all hardships in the country on this tiny white minority, even though the A.N.C. has nearly leveled South Africa and are the true perpetrators causing the suffering of all South Africans.

The country is on a highway to hell. The tyrannical, gangster state government has changed the constitution, to allow for the seizure of, “white owned land”. The whites are being pushed over the edge of a cliff with laws keeping them from gaining employment or receiving any type of government aid, solely based on the color of their skin.

If the citizens of the world do not stand up and demand answers, these people with such rich and amazing history may be gone from this world in the not so distant future.

It will be at our doorsteps next.


We operate to help raise awareness due to the complete media blackout concerning all issues in South Africa. We seek to register a government non-profit, so that we may make a difference in the day to day lives of these people who are in dire need of outside help. We have filed in every high court in the world on every corrupt individual and party as a whole to try and force the hand of outside governments.

We continue to fight for change in South Africa and for relief for these people who face terrorism brought on by their own government. We hope to meet with the Department of State and lobby the U.S. Government to change asylum laws to allow for people to file for asylum as a group under special circumstances, instead of individuals.

There are many things we have planned hoping to bring change and we depend on the support of others to help us continue to fight effectively. We greatly appreciate any help and support.

Please do not turn a blind eye. If we fail the Boer and Afrikaner, we fail ourselves all over the world. The time to stand and fight is now. If we do not, we will be fighting for our lives all over the world in the very near future.

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Dr. Gregory Stanton who is the founder of Genocide Watch. gave a press conference 10 years ago speaking on Genocide Watch’s findings on Genocide of the white minority in South Africa.

This is a compilation of his words, murder victims and Julius Malema’s words.